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The following pictures and explanations are what we have gathered from years of racing and learning tips, designs and little tricks that can help you keep your machine in the race. These explanations can be used for all different kinds of racing. Rsenal Racing Inc. primarily race in offroad desert events, so you will see items and some ideas that might not pertain to your events or your machines.

Rsenal Race Bike

Our main based and primary desert bike is a 2010 TXC 510 Husqvarna. It has a top speed in the dirt of 116 MPH. Yep that’s fast! We picked this bike over many others because it had features of a true desert bike, not just a dirt bike that is modified. Of course our bike has had issues at some events. But we have raced Honda and a Yamaha and both of these have had mechanical issues as well. After racing for 6 years in events like the SCORE Baja 1000, 500 and 250 races as well as the ‘Best In The Desert’ events like Vegas to Reno 500 mile desert race. The team has determined that most of a desert race and winning or just maybe finishing is pear “luck”. We have had racers on our team from Michigan, California, Idaho, Washington, Texas, Colorado and even Mexico. There has been all types of abilities, capabilities, talent and endurance levels from our racers. It’s very seldom that the rider (racer) has the problems in a race. It’s usually equipment failure, may it be mechanical or electrical. But let us emphasize that a rider can destroy a machine if they take off like a loaded gun into the desert. These riders will eventually blow it by crashing big, getting hurt or screwing up the equipment. Even though it’s a race, say like the Baja 1000, its still an event that you “can’t” have problems. If you do, and just about every team does, you hopefully have racers and a team that can get it fixed fast. The teams that know their bikes, have good pit crews and racers that know how to save equipment, are the teams that podium. PERIOD! So we also suggest that you pick your riders carefully.

We have had a good share of podium finishes and are very proud of our standings in the desert community but we have had a few real disappointments as well. But through this bike set up pictorial we will show you what we have found works, what helps you finish and what other teams have shown us to help you get a higher percentage of that luck I discussed earlier. By all means don’t take this pictorial as the only thing you can do to prep your bike for a race. However take this information and gain form it what you can. Learning every little thing, every little twist of a bolt or screw and what you silicone or Loctite will help you finish or win a race. We at Rsenal Racing wish each of you luck in your racing carriers. Be careful, and what we always say to our racers and pit crew. In a desert race” SLOWER IS FASTER”. We will discuss this later on in our bike set up and pit strategies.